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Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024

Your home’s exteriors is the first thing that tells people about your style and personality. It’s what sets the tone for your entire neighborhood and makes your house stand out among others. Your brick home, in particular, can create a lasting impression, but only if the right brick house paint color is chosen.

The Best Brick House Paint Colors for 2024

  1. Ash: A light gray with a touch of blue that is both calming and sophisticated. It is a versatile color that can be used on a variety of homes, from traditional to modern.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Ash exterior house paint color

  2. Clay: A warm brown that is both inviting and earthy. It is a great choice for homes with brick that has a red or orange tone.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Clay exterior house paint color

  3. Driftwood: A light gray with a touch of green that is perfect for creating a coastal or beachy look. It is also a good choice for homes with light-colored brick.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Driftwood exterior house paint color

  4. Gooseberry: A deep purple that is both elegant and dramatic. It is a great choice for homes with a modern or contemporary style.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Gooseberry exterior house paint color

  5. Harbor Blue: A medium blue that is both refreshing and calming. It is a great choice for homes with a water view or for homes that want to create a sense of tranquility.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Harbor Blue exterior house paint color

  6. Mocha: A rich brown that is both sophisticated and warm. It is a great choice for homes with a traditional or transitional style.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Mocha exterior house paint color

  7. Oyster White: A warm white that is both inviting and timeless. It is a great choice for homes with brick that has a red or orange tone.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Oyster White exterior house paint color

  8. Sage: A light green that is both calming and refreshing. It is a great choice for homes with a natural or organic style.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Sage exterior house paint color

  9. Terracotta: A warm orange that is both inviting and stylish. It is a great choice for homes with brick that has a red or orange tone.

    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Terracotta exterior house paint color

  10. Whisper White: A soft white that is both elegant and versatile. It can be used to brighten up a dark brick home or to create a more traditional look.
    Top 10 Brick House Paint Colors for 2024: Whisper White exterior house paint color

These are just a few of the many great paint colors for brick houses in 2024. The best color for your home will depend on the style of your home, the colors of your other exterior features, and your personal preferences. Be sure to consult with a paint professional, such as the color professionals at Rhino Shield, to get the best advice for your specific situation.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Brick House

Beyond its aesthetic value, the brick house paint color you choose can affect your home’s durability, resistance to weather elements, and overall maintenance requirements. So, before diving into painting your brick home, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

The Style of Your Home

Your home’s style hugely affects the color palette that will work best with it. While it may be easy to choose trending paint colors, it’s important to choose a brick house paint color that will complement your home’s architectural design. For instance, traditional brick homes with warm tones could use classic red, brown, or cream to elevate their traditional look. Meanwhile, contemporary houses with cleaner lines and a minimalist aesthetic could opt for neutral, monochromatic, or bold color choices.

The Colors of Your Other Exterior Features

Your home’s brick color has a significant impact on the color scheme of your entire exterior. Windows, doors, shutters, and roofing all play a part, whether you want them to be bold and contrasting or subtle and blending. To combat an overwhelming or clashing look, consider balancing darker paint colors of your brick home with lighter accents. Meanwhile, lighter brick colors can be complemented with deeper shades and bolder accents.

Your Personal Preferences

Your own sense of style and preferences should also be catered to. While it’s essential to consider the architectural style, choosing a brick house paint color scheme that complements your personality and tastes is just as crucial. For example, if a bright yellow color makes you happy and fills you with joy each time you arrive home, then embrace it. If you fancy a bold accent color that sets your home apart from others, make that statement.

The Amount of Sunlight Your Home Gets

The amount of sunlight your home receives should also be considered when choosing a brick house paint color. Lighter paint colors reflect sunlight and heat away from your home, thus keeping it cooler during intense heat and requiring less maintenance. Meanwhile, darker colors absorb heat and fade faster, especially in areas with intense sunlight. Think about your location and its climate when considering the paint color for your brick home.

The Climate in Your Area

Lastly, the climatic conditions in your area should also guide your decision. The Panhandle of Florida has a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild winters. This means that you will want to choose a paint color that will reflect heat and prevent moisture from building up. Some good choices for Panhandle Florida homes include light gray, white, and beige. You should avoid dark colors, as these will absorb heat and make your home hotter during the summer.

Contact Us For a Color Consultation Today!

Choosing the right paint color scheme for your brick home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. By taking into consideration important factor like the architectural style of your home, colors of external features, your personal preference, amount of sunlight your home receives, and climate in your area, you’ll be sure to arrive at a decision that elevates the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your brick home. So take your time, research and seek professional help if necessary, and you’ll never go wrong. And for long-lasting and durable paint coat, you can never go wrong with Rhino Shield. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable color specialists!

Permanent Paint Solution for Cedar Shake Exteriors

Cedar shake is a beautiful and natural material that can make your home look stunning. However, cedar shake is also susceptible to the elements, and can fade, crack, and warp over time. This can lead to costly repairs and maintenance, and can even damage your home’s structural integrity.

Rhino Shield Nashville: exterior wood paint coatingRhino Shield is a permanent exterior wood paint coating solution that can protect your cedar shake exterior from the elements. It is a thick, high-performance coating that bonds to the wood and creates a barrier that prevents water, moisture, and UV rays from penetrating. Rhino Shield exterior wood paint coating is also resistant to mold, mildew, and algae, so you can be sure that your cedar shake will look its best for years to come.

Here are some of the benefits of using Rhino Shield on your cedar shake exterior:

  • Long-lasting: Rhino Shield is guaranteed to last for 25 years, so you can rest assured that your cedar shake will be protected for the long haul.
  • Durable: Our exterior wood paint coating is incredibly durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  • Attractive: Rhino Shield comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect one to match your home’s style.
  • Cost-effective: Rhino Shield is a one-time investment that will save you money in the long run on repairs and maintenance.
  • Hassle-free: Our exterior wood paint coating is easy to maintain, and doesn’t require constant touch-ups or repaints.

If you’re looking for a permanent paint solution for your cedar shake exterior, Rhino Shield is the perfect choice. It’s long-lasting, durable, attractive, and cost-effective. Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more about how we can protect your home’s exterior.

Here are some additional details about the problems with cedar shake and how Rhino Shield exterior wood paint coating can solve them:

  • Fading: Cedar shake is naturally susceptible to fading due to the sun’s UV rays. Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating reflects UV rays away from the wood, protecting it from fading.
  • Cracking: Cedar shake can crack due to moisture, temperature changes, and wind. Rhino Shield’s water-resistant coating seals out moisture and prevents cracking.
  • Water damage: Cedar shake can be damaged by water, which can cause swelling, warping, and mold growth. Rhino Shield’s water-resistant coating prevents water from penetrating the wood, protecting it from damage.

If you’re concerned about the problems that cedar shake can face, Rhino Shield is the perfect solution. It’s a permanent paint solution that will protect your home’s exterior for years to come. Contact Rhino Shield today to learn more.

Add Protection to Your Home

Single story home coated in brown Rhino Shield coating.When it’s time to recoat your home’s exterior, don’t settle for just a simple coat of paint. In addition to a beautiful exterior, Rhino Shield ceramic coating reflects more light and heat, repels water better, and is more durable than any other coating on the market!

Our specialized formula also includes multiple additives that provide fire resistance, UV blockers, mildewcides, algeacides, and other proprietary agents for maximum protection.

Give us a call at  (615) 474-1729 to learn how you can protect your home while increasing overall energy efficiency with Rhino Shield.

Rhino Shield Of Nashville Benefits Including A 25 Year Warranty

Rhino Shield of Nashville offers you so many benefits!

benefits Rhino Shield Exterior House Paint Warranty & BenefitsRhino Shield Ceramic Coating provides many benefits for homeowners, the most important being Rhino Shield is durable and guaranteed to last. The Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating finish is engineered to last longer than traditional latex paints saving you time and money.

Rhino Shield also beautifies and protects your home from the elements, increasing the value while lowering your energy costs. Rhino Shield is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, nonflammable, and contains low VOCs.

Our work is backed by a 25 Year Warranty!

One of the best in the industry.

When it’s time to sell your home, do so with confidence with a 25 Year Transferable Warranty with Rhino Shield. This warranty guarantees the quality of the Rhino Shield product.

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Protect Your Home’s From The Sun’s Damaging Rays

Summer is here and that means we have to protect our homes from the damaging UV rays like we protect our skin. Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint coating makes perfect sense for the exterior of your home because it has ultra-violet ray reflectivity properties. This long lasting paint comes with a 25 year transferable warranty so you can feel good about choosing Rhino Shield for the exterior of your home or business. Call today for a free estimate at 317-442-2134.

Rhino Shield Nashville

Rhino Shield Can Give You A Maintenance-Free Exterior

Maintenance-Free Exterior

No other house painters in Nashville, Kentucky, Ohio or Pennsylvania can offer you the incredible benefits of Rhino Shield! Rhino Shield is superior to traditional latex paint and comes with an unmatched 25-year transferable warranty!

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